Terms and Conditions

Home Sales HQ Billboard

Home Sales HQ is very simple to use. This is a pay as you go service, with no contract or commitment. You’ll be billed monthly and once payment is received, you have access to your account. If you fail to pay a renewal invoice, your access to your account will be suspended until you pay your account in full. If you wish to completely remove your account, simply email our support team. Keep in mind, once we remove your information, it is gone forever. You will have to register and create a new account to start again.

If you are a consultant for more than one vendor, you will have to register and pay for each vendor.

We’ve priced HQ at $5.00 a month so every home-based sales consultant can afford the useful tools we provide.  We believe the time-saving alone will pay for itself!

We accept both PayPal and Stripe for payment, but we do not accept checks or cash.

If you are a Vendor wanting to set up a contract for multiple consultants use, contact Home Sales HQ directly for further details.