About Home Sales HQ

Save Time!

Home Sales HQ was developed by KMD Designs, IT professionals with more 20 years of experience in computer repair, virus removal, network set up, web sites design and maintenance, database solutions, content management, as well as client-specific creative needs, such as ebook coding/design. We have home-based sales consultants in our family, and we simply looked at those needs the same as we would any client’s needs. We identified a gap in information and data, specifically customer contacts and inventory tracking. We asked how we could make data management more simple, more effective, and ultimately more profitable for these home-based sales consultants.

The result is Home Sales HQ: an inexpensive, easy to use, customer and inventory tracking system for home-based businesses.

How does it work?

First, there are no contracts. You pay as you go, and the fee is simple and clear: $5.00 a month, every month.

Once you subscribe, you will set up your profile for your business including your contact information and logo. You can then add inventory including your cost and pricing, customers, parties, events, etc. We are just an email away if you need help, but we’ve designed HQ so there is very little set-up involved. Enter your data and start working!

While most of our customers are individual sales consultants, we have specific data solutions for vendors as well. Contact us for more information.

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